Top Five Marvel Comics

Great to Amazing

  1. Dark Avengers
  2. Dark Avengers

    There they are, a new team of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the sunlight gleaming off their smiling faces and an adoring crowd on hand to cheer them as they take the stage! Spider-Man, Wolverine, Ms. Marvel, Hawkeye...You know them, you love them! They're your Avengers, and they are here to protect you! Except...things are not how they appear. With the real Avengers underground, who are these Avengers that look like them, and why have they been assembled?(From Marvel)

  3. Spider-Man Sinister Six
  4. Spider-Man Sinister Six

    With six, you get chaos! While still in high school, the Amazing Spider-Man faced one of his most chilling challenges when a sextet of his most nerve-racking nemeses formed a cabal of crime: the Sinister Six! Already tough enough individually, Doctor Octopus, Mysterio, the Sandman, the Vulture, Electro and Kraven gave Spidey a run for his money that he never forgot!(From Marvel)

  5. Annihilation
  6. Annihilation

    One empire has fallen. Two heroes are dead. It all comes together here! Individually, the Silver Surfer, Super-Skrull, Ronan and Nova have faced down the Annihilation Wave...and lost! Now, they must unite those who remain or die by Annihilus' hand! The Annihilation has only begun!(From Marvel)

  7. The Infinity Gauntlet
  8. Infinity Gauntlet

    The Silver Surfer crashes into Dr. Strange's sanctum and warns the sorcerer supreme that Thanos has gained control of the Infinity Gauntlet; With his new lackey, Mephisto, whispering in his ear, Thanos begins to test his new powers and pays a visit to his lover, Death; Warlock, Pip and Gamora are resurrected in the bodies of three people who have died in a car crash; Finding that Death still spurns his love, Thanos wipes out half of all life in the universe; As the cosmos reels with the loss of half of its population, the heroes of earth scramble to try and figure out what is going on.(From Marvel)

  9. Secret Invasion
  10. Secret Invasion

    One of the Avengers has mysteriously died. The Avengers discover the presence of skrulls hiding amongst them. These skrulls have secretly compromised every major organization on Earth including the Avengers themselves. The trust among the Avengers is broken since they can't trust anyone no matter how close they are to each other. The marvel universe will bever be the same.(From Marvel)